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PAPUAmart.blogspot.com is a parallel blog of PAPUAmart.com and PAPUAmart.tk, two websites that sell our Papuan products and at the same time sells products from outside to Papuan peoples.

PAPUAmart.com is an Online and Offline Marketplace for Selling or Buying both Online and Offline as well as Bartering Online and Offline of Specialty Products.

  • By "Online" we means PAPUAmart.com is an Online Store;
  • "Offline" means PAPUAmart.com is also an Offline Store;
  • "Marketplace" is the place where anybody can come as sellers and also as buyers; and those who come to the marketplace can sell or buy any products they want to shop;
  • "Barter" is the exchange of goods with goods. We only facilitate and mediate barter of Specialty Products. Barter of public goods is not included.
  • By "Specialty Produts", we mean the products that has particular and peculiar geographical and socio-cultural origin, products that are produced by certain societies in certain regions of the world. 

PAPUAmart.com emphasizes two main principles:
  • locality, local wisdom, local wealth or local products as promoted locally for global market at “PAPUAmart.com”; and
  • organic, that is, all products we sell are organically produced, organically processed and organically presented, without any chemical substances, pesticides, colouring substances and the like.
PAPUAmart.com” promote the selling-buying processes with our slogan: “One-Stop Market“, that means:
  • Anybody is welcome to come and buy anything;
  • Everybody is welcome to come and sell anything (that is the local specialty products)
  • Anybody is welcome to barter his/her specialty products with whatever that PAPUAmart.com has at its shops; and
  • Everybody is welcome to sell and buy Online and Offline
These explanations clarify that "PAPUAmart.com is the MARKETPLACE or Centre of Selling and Buying, as well as Bartering, both Online and Offline 

Dari Penjelasan Ini Jelas Bahwa “PAPUAmart.Com” Ialah PASAR Pusat Jual-Beli, Sekaligus Barter, Baik Secara Offline Sekaligus Secara Online. Di PAPUAmart.Com Tidak Hanya Terjadi Penjualan, Tetapi Juga Pembelian, Tidak Hanya Offline, Tetapi Juga Online, Tidak Hanya Jual-Beli, Tetapi Juga Barter.

For Malay version, please refer to: About PAPUAmart.com

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